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 The Qualities of Mindfulness

The goal of mindfulness is to wake up to the inner workings of your mental, emotional and physical well being. It is a way of becoming ware of the mind and body so that there becomes peaceful and at rest. Mindfulness give us the skills to be centred and calm no matter what situation we may find ourselves in. 

Mindfulness meditation encourages us to tune into the body and listen to what it needs and when. Pain, illness and stress walk hand in hand together. They feed off each other in a vicious cycle that leads to even greater suffering and disability. Although it is impossible to prevent stress from arising you can change what happens next. You can stop the spiral from feeding off itself and triggering the cycle of negative thoughts that makes suffering far worse.The aim of Mindfulness Meditation is to move your awareness around the body and  paying special attention to areas of stress and discomfort. You then gently breathe ‘into’ the discomfort  releasing any tension that maybe held there.

Mindful mediation is a journey and not a destination so there is no need to rush.If you have lived with pain, illness or stress for a long time, you may find gentle mindful meditation especially useful. With mindfulness awareness we adopt an attitude of play and curiosity. We aim to drop into a deep awareness of the breath as we obverse our thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness inhabits the body with a kindly awareness and curiosity and even the smallest awareness can be surprisingly fulfilling and beneficial to supporting health and well being.  

How Mindfulness can help us see Things Differently 

Focus on the Present Moment - when your thoughts get lost in thinking about the past or worrying about the future, you try and remain open to how things are unfolding in the present, rather than having preconceived ideas about how things will or should turn out. 

Being Fully Present - as you go through your daily life you become spaciously aware of whatever you are experiencing through seeing, hearing and feeling so you enjoy your present moment.

Openness to Experienceyou welcome with curiosity any thoughts and feelings that naturally arise, knowing they are merely sensations in the moment and the next moment can be different. 

Non-Judgement - you watch and accept whatever arises in consciousness with an open mind and not be critical to yourself or with others.  

Non-Attachment - you do not try to hold onto things, people, or experiences, knowing that life is in constant flow.

Peace and Equanimity - when things don't go your way, you stay firmly rooted with a peaceful heart, clear vision and a non-judgemental attitude.

Compassion - you deal gently, kindly, and patiently with yourself and others. Rather than judging or condemning, you open your heart to really listen and try to understand other people's experiences as well as your own.

Training & Qualification 
  • Diploma - Mindfulness Movement Meditation
  • Diploma - Hatha Yoga Teacher
  • Diploma - Mediation Tutor

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